Workshops for action in all sectors

Confluences has organised a series of workshops in recent weeks in the public, voluntary and private sectors:

> « Perspective » and « Bruxelles Environnement » confronted the 4 glasses of the Donut (social, environmental, local and global) on the question of the place of nature in the city in a context of densification needs.

> « Le théâtre de La Monnaie » used the Donut to take a critical look at their forthcoming Cassandra programme, the start of a long-term reflection on the role of culture in the necessary transition.

> UCB and the CEOs 2030sdg network tested the Donut’s new approach to business by working on the very configuration of the company to be able to initiate more distributive and regenerative practices.

« The feedback from the colleagues who took part was positive and we have already committed to bringing some of the proposed solutions to life. We will continue to explore with Confluences how we can leverage the Doughnut Economics methodology to progress our approach. »

> Finally, through the Region’s Shifting Economy strategy, we have also carried out workshops on the theme of Digital and Commerce so as to support the bearers of measures to think about the ecological ceiling and the social floor to be taken into account in the development of their activities.