Conference with Kate Raworth & Co. Thanks & slides

It was a real delight for the BrusselDonut team to organize the conference « Moving Brussels towards the 21st century economy : the doughnut as a compass ».

Kate Raworth has delivered an inspiring speech about the necessity of adopting this compass if we want to thrive in a fair and sustainable way.

Then Barbara Trachte had the opportunity to explain how Brussels is shifting her economy in order to respect the social foundation and environmental ceiling.

Without doubt, one of the climaxes of the conference was the meticulous presentation by Fanny Dethier of the new version of the Donut portrait.

Once the contours of the portrait have been defined, the question was: how can businesses change their practices and design to enter inside the doughnut ? This is the question we have explored with Erinch Sahan in a sincere discussion with Véronique Toully from UCB and Sébastien Morvan from Brussels Beer Project, moderated by Philippe Roman.

Finally, Paul Vanderstraeten concluded the conference with an enthusiast plan to move Brussels into the 21st-century economy, which involved forming a coalition of Brussels actors to foster the development of the Doughnut.

A special thank must go to Barbara Goffin for orchestrating this event so well. Thank you also to Ichec who very kindly supported and provided a wonderful team and the necessary infrastructure.


This event would not have been possible without the valuable contributions of : the Deal Team (Kate Raworth and Erinch Sahan), Barbara Trachte, Géraldine Thiry, Fanny Dethier, Philippe Roman, Barbara Goffin, Paul Vanderstraeten, Anaïs Delhaize, Pierre Paulus, Le Basic, Stéphanie Lepczynski, Véronique Toully, Sébastien Morvan, Galler and OIKOS.


And last but not the least, thanks to our wonderful audience! Seeing so many of you means a lot to us !!